Flower Delivery | 3 Floral Colours to Show Off Your Romantic Side

If you've been on a few dates and want to turn the relationship into something more, then wooing her with flowers is a great way to show off the romantic side of you. But choosing flowers can be daunting for most guys who haven't explored this side of themselves before. Whether you choose flower delivery or decide to give her a bouquet in person, the right type of flowers and colours will signify your romantic intentions, so be sure to follow these ideas.

Romance Her with Pink Flower Arrangements

Pink is one of the most delicate and romantic colours available, so you can never go wrong when you decide to woo her with a pink flower arrangement. Pink represents a feeling of soft femininity and is perfect when you're trying to convey your romantic side to your partner. Pink roses, pink tulips and pink geraniums look stunning when paired against rich green ferns. You can either choose to surprise her with flower delivery or you can arrive at her doorstep with a stunning pink flower arrangement in your hand.

Display Your Love with Red

Red is the quintessential colour of passion, so you can always rely on it to represent your feelings of romance and love to your partner. Red flower arrangements are perfect when you want to ask her to go steady with you or even later when you want to propose to her. A dozen long-stemmed romantic roses set into an array of assorted fillers and ferns will make her swoon with delight. You can also choose other types of red flowers, like red petunias, red poinsettias and red calla lilies. Your love will blossom like the beautiful flowers you choose when you decide to go with red as a classic romantic gesture.

Showcase Your Passion with Purple

Purple is a splendidly bold colour, so choosing this colour for your floral arrangement represents your intense passion for your partner. It displays that you're willing to fight for her, making purple a grand choice when making romantic gestures. Since purple is often associated with royalty, sending these flowers to your partner will let her know how special and extraordinary she is to you. You can choose bold purple roses, purple orchids and purple passionflowers to show her your desire for long-term romance.

Use these colour ideas for flower arrangements and surprise her with flower delivery or show up in person to display your romantic side. Contact a floral shop like Flowers Of Paradise to get started.