Florist | 3 Considerations For Flower Table Centrepieces For A Party

If you've decided to throw a formal party for your birthday or anniversary, you're going to have to consider several factors, including your décor, catering, table centrepieces and guest list. If you're planning on using fresh flowers for your table centrepiece, engage with your florist to determine the best options for your party.

Choose Flowers To Resonate With Your Theme

If you're planning a special party, you can choose flowers to resonate with your party's theme. If you're throwing a party of your silver wedding or a fiftieth milestone birthday, you'll want the flowers to reflect the occasion perfectly. For example, simple off-white and pink flower centrepieces placed on a small silver vase will represent a silver wedding perfectly. Similarly, if you're planning a Christmas party, you can choose flowers like amaryllis or poinsettias traditionally associated with the season. Talk to your florist about your specific party theme to come up with floral table centrepiece ideas. If you don't have a specific theme, you can choose flowers that are complementary to your venue colouring. For example, yellow and purple flowers blend in beautifully with a beige or neutral venue.

Make Sure Flowers Have Mild Fragrances

You'll certainly don't want the flowers to overpower the smell of the food, especially if you've spent a fortune on catering. The fragrant scent of the food should ideally be the focus of the evening, so be sure to choose flowers with milder fragrances. Highly fragrant flowers will disrupt the focus on the food. Dahlias, poppies and calla lilies are usually free of fragrances and are excellent choices for table centrepieces because they don't overpower the space with strong scents. You can ask your florist for more fragrant-free options available in the store.

Make Sure The Centrepiece Is High In Impact And Low In Height

You certainly don't want to choose a centrepiece that is too high because this will make it difficult for people around the table to converse with each other. You'll vases or flower bases that are short and wide to keep your flower arrangement below the eye level of your guests. You'll also want to choose smaller flowers or they will end up distracting your guests from meaningful conversations. Shorter centrepieces with small flowers like hydrangeas, poppies and miniature roses create the maximum impact for tables. You can talk to your florist about other small flower options for your table centrepiece.

Use these considerations when planning a floral table centrepiece with your florist for your next formal party.