Florist | 4 Meaningful Roses To Help You Put Together The Perfect Proposal Bouquet

If you've decided to propose to your partner, then you've probably got a lot of planning to do to make it memorable for you both. Apart from selecting the right ring and preparing for an impressive time, the flower bouquet you choose will play a role in creating everlasting memories. If you've decided to go with roses, you'll need to choose between different colours to truly convey your feelings to your partner. Before visiting the florist, take the time to know the meaning behind each rose colour to help you put together the perfect proposal bouquet.

Red Roses

A red rose is the quintessential definition of everlasting love and is a classic flower choice for any proposal. Red roses reflect romance, passion and love, presenting a beautiful backdrop when you ask for your partner's hand in marriage. If you decide to buy a bouquet of dark red roses from a florist for your proposal, you are standing behind your strong sentiment of love and commitment, making this bouquet an excellent accompaniment to an engagement ring.

White Roses

White roses are a traditional choice to reflect the timeless love shared by two people, making them a good choice to complement your engagement ring. White roses symbolise true love and eternal commitment and represent the fact that your love will never end. You can either choose standalone white roses or you can combine them with roses in other colours to represent the depth of love you have for your partner.

Lavender Roses

While more unconventional than other colours, lavender or purple roses represent royalty, emphasising to your partner that she is the queen of your life. While lavender roses display an independent sense of beauty, you may want to pair them with white or red roses to echo your undying love to your special someone during your proposal. You can either present her with a bouquet of flowers or you can get the florist to offer flower delivery to the location of your proposal as a surprise.

Pink Roses             

Pink roses represent a sense of love and loyalty, giving you the perfect opportunity to show your partner that you will be devoted to her for life. Pink roses may not seem as intense as red roses, but when you pair them together, you will get an unbeatable combination of love, passion, admiration, loyalty and romance –– offering the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable proposal.

These meaningful roses will help you put together the perfect proposal bouquet with your florist.