How to Make Sure You Rock a Flower Crown at Your Wedding

Your big day is ahead, and you have been paying a lot of attention to detail as you plan your wedding ceremony. As a bride, you've simply got to look stunning as you walk down the aisle and at every stage of proceedings and want to make sure that your accessories fully complement your amazing outfit. You may know that a conventional wedding calls for a bridal veil, but you are anything but traditional and have decided that you're going to sport a flower crown instead. What do you need to think about here, so that you pull it off with style?

Use Hardy Flowers

Firstly, understand that not every flower is suitable for a crown of this type. You need to choose something that is particularly hardy and especially if you're getting married in the heat of an Australian summer. If you don't, the flowers could begin to wilt very quickly, and this is certainly not the look that you want to replicate. Ask your florist what flowers can survive out of water for the longest time and they may recommend something like an orchid.

Bring Duplicates

You may want to wear your crown throughout the day and to the evening party, as well as the initial reception. After all, if it looks really good, then why not milk it for all it's worth! In this case, consider having two of them made and keeping one close by, so you can change over at an appropriate moment. This will help you avoid some discolouration towards the evening.

Wear it Correctly

Be careful when designing your crown and always work with a florist for correct size and placement. Some people like to wear these crowns further forward, while others like them to be towards the top of the head. Determine your hairstyle for the big day first, so the florist knows what they have to work with.

Match It With the Theme

Always remember that a crown can be tailored in many different ways and it doesn't have to be strictly bohemian. You can make sure that it is matched with the theme of the ceremony, or with the style and presentation of the wedding dress and don't be afraid to look at photographs of other examples to help you make your choice.

Picking Them Up on Time

You should arrange to pick up your flower crowns at the last possible moment in an ideal world. The florist will be able to look after them carefully and make sure that the flowers are in perfect order before you set off. Don't be tempted to store them at home in a refrigerator as this is an old wive's tale. Instead of preserving them, this may cause discolouration and a nasty shock when you open the fridge door.

Work out all the finer detail with your florist, so that you can look forward to this incredible occasion with confidence.